You can now Purchase more Sustainable Products on Amazon, All Thanks to this Browser Extension

This Browser extension now allows customers to purchase more sustainable products on Amazon. Most times, Amazon customers are…
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This Browser extension now allows customers to purchase more sustainable products on Amazon. Most times, Amazon customers are concerned about buying products that are environmentally-friendly.

They express their desire to purchase environmentally-friendly products. Most people don’t even know if the products they purchase online are made of sustainable materials. Does it really matter if the soap you purchased came in a refillable container?

This Browser extension featured by Chrome will help customers put an end to all of these worries. The browser extension known as Finch will help you rank possible purchases when buying products on Amazon.

Finch utilizes machine learning to categorize Amazon products based on their eco-friendly nature. This new feature on chrome will enable consumers to choose sustainable products without having to make researches by themselves. Lizzie Horvitz, the founder of Finch, is a climate activist who worked with Unilever’s sustainability team.

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I realized that content online was very difficult to sift through. On the one hand, you have these wonky academic papers which weren’t really meant for normal people to be reading.

And then on the other side, you have these very well-intentioned bloggers who often are talking not in terms of data or facts—they’re saying things like, this is ‘eco-friendly,’ or ‘all-natural,’ and that’s not really based in any type of science.” Horvitz

Finch ranking applies to the top 41 product classifications on Amazon, where about 40 products are analyzed. For every category, the team explains in details the problems faced by that type of product.

For instance, for paper towels, the team studied how paper towel production can result in deforestation. After this evaluation, they rate about 20 products in the category and input that detailed research into a machine learning tool that gets details of products from Amazon for every other product in the category and rates them automatically.

According to Horvitz, no product scores a ten, but any product rated above a 6.5 is having minimal impact. She also maintained that it can be difficult to ascertain the most sustainable product sometimes since sustainability can often be determined by how the product is utilized by the consumer.

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