Yale’s Popular Happiness Course Is Being Offered to Some High School Students for Free

Yale’s popular happiness course is being offered to some high school students for free, even college credit students…
Yale's popular happiness course

Yale’s popular happiness course is being offered to some high school students for free, even college credit students aren’t left out.

Laurie Santos, a professor of Psychology at Yale introduced a new course, “Psychology and the Good Life,” in 2018.

This course addresses the increasing mental health needs of students on campus. The introduction of this course was an immediate success that made over 1,200 undergraduates enroll in the first semester. As time went on, it became the most popular online course in the history of Yale.

This Yale’s popular happiness course is being offered to over 550 low-income high school students across the United States for free. These students will be given free college cdits upon completion.

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Our goal is to equip students with scientifically validated strategies for living a more satisfying life, while also creating opportunities for high-striving low-income students and students of color to demonstrate college-readiness.


This new Yale’s program was developed in partnership with the National Education Equity and the University of Connecticut. It also received support from the Arthur M. Blank Foundation. It will therefore, be offered in over 40 Title I schools from 17 cities such as Los Angeles, New Haven,  Atlanta, and New York City. Students will be entitled to a Yale Teaching fellow and a local teacher at their school in addition to receiving access to Santos’ lectures.

It is an honor to be involved in this widespread effort to broaden educational opportunities for the diverse student population enrolled in this course. I am thrilled to share my passion for this material with students across the country.

Zach Silver, a graduate of psychology at Yale

Due to the large number of students that enrolled for The “Psychology and the Good Life” course, it was moved to the largest concert hall on campus, Woosley Hall.  “The Science of Well-Being,” course is available for free on Coursera with more than three million enrollments so far.

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