World War II Veteran Granted his Final Wish to Make His Coffin Resemble a Pack of Juicy Fruit Gum

94-year-old World War II veteran, Suite Economy, plans his exit strategy in much sweeter way than most people…
World War II veteran

94-year-old World War II veteran, Suite Economy, plans his exit strategy in much sweeter way than most people since he wishes to be buried in a coffin that matches a pack of juicy fruit gum.

This World War II veteran’s love for juicy fruit gum can be traced back to when he was in the service. As at that time, chewing gum manufacturer Wrigley stopped stateside delivery and sent a large quantity of its products to troops overseas. Economy had then become a self-appointed ambassador for the brand

The president of Oakey’s Funeral Service, Sammy Oakey, and Economy have been friends for about 45 years.

Suttie would come in here for visitation or just come in to visit and he would always bring a bunch of packs of Juicy Fruit… and put it out for the employees to enjoy.


Economy didn’t just gift gums at funeral home visits; he did it wherever he went, at restaurants, doctor’s offices. He recently approached his longtime buddy with a request after suffering from heart complications. He made a request that he wanted to be buried in a casket painted to look like his trademark gum.

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On hearing this, Oakey pleaded with Mars Wrigley, the present owners of the Juicy Fruit trademark, and Wrigley refused his plea.  Oakey said he assured Economy he would do anything to grant his request in an interview with WLS 10 News.

This is not the first time unusual burial requests will be made. For instance, when oil heiress Sandra West died her will stated that she should be dressed in a nightgown, placed in her 1964 Ferrari 250GT’s front seat, and then planted in the ground with the car.

Gonzo journalist Hunter S.Thompson requested his ashes to be shot out of a cannon and Organic chemist Fredric Baur, who designed the Pringles potato chip container requested that some of his ashes be buried in his iconic cylindrical creations.

Oakey didn’t relent on his efforts to make his friend’s request come true since he knew how precious the chewing-gum-themed casket was to Economy. So Oakey launched a social media campaign that went viral and this garnered contact information for Mars Wrigley’s top brass.

Luckily for Oakey, the company president said that the company was ready to go along with whatever the family desired. The giant gum company also sent 250 packs of juicy fruit gum to Economy’s family to appreciate his long-term loyalty to its brand.

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