Woman Gets Back $1M Lottery Ticket she Tossed Out, All Thanks to Store Owners

A $1M Lottery ticket was accidentally tossed out by one Massachusetts woman who was in a hurry for…
$1M lottery ticket

A $1M Lottery ticket was accidentally tossed out by one Massachusetts woman who was in a hurry for a lunch break, but luckily for her, she got back the ticket from kind store owners. Lea Rose Fiega had purchased the scratch-off $1M lottery ticket match in Southwick.

You could imagine having a ticket worth that prize and then accidentally tossing it out, this was Fiega’s story. According to her, she had scratched the ticket while she was in a hurry and when she looked at it she didn’t expect any wins from it. So, she handed it to the store owners to trash it out with the hope that nothing good would come of it.

The ticket had been behind the counter for over a week. According to the son of the store’s owners, he was going through the trash and found that the ticket wasn’t properly scratched. When Abhi Shah scratched it, he realized the amount in the ticket was a whopping $1 million. This was unbelievable!

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We had mixed emotions. We didn’t sleep for two nights, but I don’t know what happened. My inner soul told me: ‘That’s not right. You know who that person is. You should give that ticket back to them.’ And that’s exactly what I did.


Luckily for Fiega, her workplace was close to the convenience store she bought the ticket. Shah went to see Fiega and told her his parents wanted to see her. On getting to the store, the store owners broke the news to her. Fiega was so shocked that she wept. Then she hugged the family when she realized what they had done for her.

Fiega maintained that winning this lottery was just a silver lining in a dark cloud as she had gone through difficult times amid the pandemic. The Massachusetts Store Lottery commission will give Diamond Millions store a sum of $10,000 for selling the winning ticket. Fiega also rewarded the family. According to her, she will save the remaining for her retirement.

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