Woman Climbs Colorado’s 14,000-Feet Mountains to raise $85k for COVID-19 Relief

Brittney Woodrum, a 27-year-old woman and a University of Denver graduate decided to raise $85k for COVID-19 relief…

Brittney Woodrum, a 27-year-old woman and a University of Denver graduate decided to raise $85k for COVID-19 relief by climbing Colorado’s 14,000-feet mountains.  The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on several lives and Woodrum believes that she can contribute to her society by doing what she knows best. Woodrum who is working towards having a master’s degree in humanitarian assistance has had a history of working with NGOs.

Woodrum mentioned that she was inspired by the experience she had when she was residing at a Buddhist nunnery in Myanmar while launching a language program. She revealed that the nuns at the nunnery taught her a lot about ‘impermanence.’ She had the desire to know more and as such, she started living their way of life by donating almost everything she had as well as shaving her hair.

The nuns had nothing compared to the life Woodrum was living and she realized that they were living their lives with purpose and joy. Asides from her humanitarian activities, Woodrum is a hiker. Since she wanted to do something for her society and at the same time hike, she looked for an organization that would allow her to focus on the two things she is passionate about.

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She thought about ShelterBox and realized that was a perfect idea. ShelterBox is an organization made up of individuals who believe that shelter from disaster and conflict is vital to humans. Colorado’s 14,000-feet mountain is regarded as some of the most difficult climbing destinations in North America. Woodrum challenged to climb all the mountains with the aim of raising funds and awareness for families who had been negatively impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Woodrum climbed the mountains with her 14-pound turquoise blue backpack. It took this 27-year-old woman 78 days to climb the mountains and she was able to raise almost $85,000. Having accomplished her mission, she plans to take a well-deserved downtime for a short while.

I feel very privileged about everything I have ever had. The best thing I can do with my life is [to] pay some of that forward and help others who by no fault of their own have had the worst day or year of their life.


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