Wisdom Can Prevent Loneliness in Old People- Study Suggests

According to a new study, wisdom can prevent loneliness in old people. This is the only type of…
Wisdom can prevent loneliness

According to a new study, wisdom can prevent loneliness in old people. This is the only type of intervention that wouldn’t involve relying on other people. There has been a growing concern about loneliness in middle-aged and older adults for the past few decades.

Feeling lonely or not having enough personal interactions is consistently associated with some risk factors for general health and now, many efforts have been put in place worldwide to address it. In a recent study carried out by researchers in Italy and California, they found that there was a significant relationship between wisdom and conquering loneliness.

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People with higher scores on a measure of wisdom were less lonely and vice versa.

Dilip Jeste, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at UC San Diego School of Medicine.

The researchers associated loneliness with poor sleep quality, less happiness, and poor general health, whereas the reverse was generally true for wisdom.

Researchers used the San Diego Wisdom Scale and UCLA Loneliness Scale to examine four groups which are adults age 50 to 65 and those above age 90 in each location. Components like emotional regulation, empathy, self-reflection, and compassion were associated with wisdom.

Researchers discovered that compassion and empathy had the strongest inverse relationship with loneliness. The study revealed that people who were more compassionate were less lonely. It also revealed that wisdom can prevent loneliness after some factors were considered.

If we can increase someone’s compassion, wisdom is likely to go up and loneliness is likely to go down. At UC San Diego, we have considerable interest in enhancing empathy and compassion to reduce levels of stress and improve happiness and well-being.  

Vice-chancellor of UC San Diego Health Sciences.

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