What’s More Impressive Than A 10-Year-Old Selling Landscape Paintings For 10,000 Pounds? That She Donates All The Money To Charity!

I think any artist would be thrilled to sell a painting for 10,000 pounds, which at the time…

I think any artist would be thrilled to sell a painting for 10,000 pounds, which at the time of this writing is about $13,000 American dollars. I know I would.

But what if I told you that the artist whose landscape painting went for just under 10,000 pounds at auction was only 10 years old?

Impressive on its own, right? 

But that’s not the end of this story. What if I told you that she donated it ALL to charity?!

Well, that’s reality for English artist Daisy Watt. And the word impressive just doesn’t seem to cut it. It’s more like extraordinary.

So how did all this begin for Miss Watt? 

Her mother always noted she was good at art, but four years ago, after two of her grandparents were diagnosed with cancer, Miss Watt decided to paint a picture for them. I’d be remiss to not mention their names, as it was from her love for these two grandparents that the artist’s career blossomed.

Miss Watt’s mother’s father Arthur passed away in 2016 at 75 years of age. Her father’s mother Polly, now 89, was diagnosed with cervical cancer around that time. 

Her first canvas piece was auctioned for two cancer charities, where bidders around the globe made their best efforts to purchase the work. It featured flowers – forget-me-nots to commemorate those who had passed, and bright flowers for those who survived. This piece sold for 9,500 pounds. 

Has she slowed down since achieving such great success? Nope. Miss Watts spends her days painting. 

She has since auctioned off about 25 of her pieces for charity, sold some originals, and prints that go for 100 pounds a piece.  Cancer Research featured one of her works on their Thank You cards to families that make legacy donations. And last November, Miss Watts won the Yorkshire Young Achiever for Arts award. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Miss Watts painted a rainbow of mini-daisies in tribute to frontline workers, raising 1,700 pounds for Britain’s National Health Service featuring the design on magnets and cards.

Little hands can create great art, but little hands with big hearts can create greater hope for all mankind.

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