Walmart is Saving Pollinators By Supporting Change For Supply Chains

Walmart, a grocery retailer based in the US, announced its plans to make it compulsory for its supply…

Walmart, a grocery retailer based in the US, announced its plans to make it compulsory for its supply chain to adopt measures that protect them. We would not have some food if some pollinators such as butterflies, beetles, bees, and birds aren’t protected.

Walmart’s plan to save pollinators will be the greatest pollinator health effort made by grocery retailer in the US, according to Martin Mundo, the head of produce of Walmart U.S.

This grocery retailer plans to reduce the threats of several pollinator threats by supporting the adoption of integrated pest management (IPM) practices. It also aims to improve and expand pollinator habitats.

Suppliers that implement the integrated pest management practices will offer Walmart all of its floral items and fresh produce in its in-store produce department.

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The largest retailer in the US is encouraging suppliers to make a report of their biodiversity management and use of pesticide annually, via the yearly Sustainability surveys of Walmart.

We are also encouraging fresh produce suppliers to phase out the use of chlorpyrifos and nitroguanidine neonicotinoids pesticides (where applicable unless mandated otherwise by law)—and avoid replacing them with products having a level I bee precaution rating and assess and report annual progress.


This grocery retailer vowed to restore, manage, and safeguard at least 1 million share miles of ocean and 50 million acres of land by 2030. It also collaborated with solar developers to create pollinator habitats in Laurens, South Carolina. Walmart has promised to keep looking for ways to create more pollinator habitats.


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