‘VAX LIVE’ Concert to Fund 26 Million COVID-19 Vaccines for the Most Vulnerable Nations in the World

‘VAX LIVE’ concert has helped to raise a sum of $302 million to fund more than 26 million…
‘VAX LIVE’ concert

‘VAX LIVE’ concert has helped to raise a sum of $302 million to fund more than 26 million vaccines for COVID-19. These doses will be delivered to the most marginalized communities in the world and health care workers. This concert was broadcast in about 100 nations last week.

Global Citizen is an online platform set up in 2012 to address poverty across the globe. Selena Gomez hosted the concert. The show which was taped on the 2nd of May was held in the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles County.

Prince Harry, VAX Live campaign chair was present and Jennifer Lopez performed at the ‘VAX LIVE’ concert. Eddie Vedder and Foo Fighters also performed in the concert. Last week Global Citizen announced their results.

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According to the reports, Croatia and Canada pledged $302 million and the private sector helped to raise a sum of $2.5 million. Countries like New Zealand, Norway, the UAE, Spain, and Croatia pledged 13.25 million doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Corporate partners and philanthropists pledge $39.6 million in commitments. Over 26 million doses were pledged in total. The pledge came from philanthropists, organizations, and governments. This will help support nations that are vulnerable.

Prince Harry and Meghan called out their fans to help donate for their son’s birthday and they have been able to raise a sum of $1.9 million within a span of 6 days.

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