US to Purchase 500M Doses of Pfizer Vaccines and Distribute Globally

About 500M doses of Pfizer vaccines will be purchased by the U.S. These vaccines will be distributed via…
500M doses of Pfizer vaccines

About 500M doses of Pfizer vaccines will be purchased by the U.S. These vaccines will be distributed via the global COVAX alliance. President Joe Biden planned to announce this news in a speech before the Group of Seven Summit begins.

Out of the 500M doses of Pfizer vaccines, 200 million would be distributed this year while the remaining will be shared in the first half of 2022. Jake Sullivan, the adviser for national security  in the country,  told reporters that the U.S president is concerned about the donation of these vaccines since it was included in the United States ‘public health and strategic interests.

As he said in his joint session (address), we were the ‘arsenal of democracy’ in World War II. We’re going to be the ‘arsenal of vaccines’ over this next period to help end the pandemic.


The news of this donation was confirmed from a reliable source. The United States has been faced with pressure to state its global vaccine distribution plan. Unequal distribution of the vaccine across the world has been more pronounced.

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The White House revealed plans to distribute about 80 million doses across the globe by June. Officials maintain that twenty-five percent of the nation’s excess will be reserved for emergency purposes and for the United State to distribute to partners and allies.

Some doses of the vaccine have been directed to allies like Ukraine, South Korea, and Taiwan. Public health groups across the world had intended to press the U.S to do more in distributing vaccines and Biden’s plans were commended toward that end.

According to the acting CEO at the ONE Campaign, the decision to buy and donate vaccine doses is a bold leadership needed to put an end to this pandemic. This decision sends a powerful message about the commitment of the U.S to help fight the pandemic.

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