Uber Driver Who Survived Cancer Uses Tips to Prepare Sandwiches For the Homeless

Uber driver Kerry started her hustle with Lyft and Uber after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in…
Uber driver

Uber driver Kerry started her hustle with Lyft and Uber after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. However, she survived cancer and has been making sandwiches for the homeless. Kerry loves helping people and felt the job could be a way to know others.

Kerry started using part of her ride earnings to prepare lunches for the homeless population in the city. While driving people around the city, she drops off homemade PB&Js to about 100 homeless people.

When Kerry first began her side gig as a driver, she was working from Mondays to Fridays as a scientist at the Cooperative Human Tissue Network at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and gave a lift to a 24-year-old boy named Ryan Caldwell. That was how Kerry met Caldwell who volunteered to deliver lunches with her.

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Without sounding too ‘quirky’, he just has an amazing ‘aura. When you meet him, his kindness and charisma immediately put you at ease.  When he said he wanted to help deliver lunches with me, I knew he was sincere.


Caldwell told News Channel 5 that Kerry has been awesome and they have been best of friends since they started.  Kerry and Caldwell now deliver meals together. Kerry said Caldwell is really a role model as he has portrayed an act of selflessness.

The duo is presently making a list of shoe sizes for homeless people in the community so they can give away boots for winter. You can learn more about their initiatives by visiting Nashville Homeless Helpers. Kerry has always gone out of her way to put smiles on people’s faces and she has continued doing that.

Back in 2017, Kerry founded ‘secret society’ an initiative that focuses on helping struggling kids. Kerry believes that helping others isn’t difficult, just a little help can be a step in solving a problem.

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