Two Surfers save Cold, Starving Dog after Going Missing for 3 Months

Two surfers and friends went on a surfing trip, where they saw a dog stuck in a sea…
Two surfers save missing dog

Two surfers and friends went on a surfing trip, where they saw a dog stuck in a sea cliff cave and rescued it.

On 1st August, Matty Johnson and Zach Regan went on an adventure overnight on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island. They embarked on a great trip after getting everything necessary to go surfing and fishing.

They were in their small aluminum boat when Matty noticed something in a cave – it was the brown legs of an animal. These legs were not big enough to be likened to that of a wolf or a bear. Behold, it was a dog – a cold and starving one.

In an interview with GNN, Matty Johnson said:

We were trying to beat an upcoming storm, but we made the decision to save the dog.

Matty Johnson

The rescue mission of the two surfers began. It required a “wetsuit, a surfboard, a lasso, almost being bitten in the face, a reef, big waves, and awesome teamwork.”

Once they successfully saved Stella, she was put in a bag just to keep her warm. As soon as they reach dry land in Canada, they started searching for its owner.

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Matt revealed that great vibes were everywhere “when the owners—long since consigned to the death of their dog—got word she was safe.”

The owners were extremely glad to see their lovely pet again. According to them, they thought the dog was lost forever after they got separated here months ago on the Juan de Fuca Trail.

Johnson decided to share this story with GNN to make one major point: “Wanting to spread good news and inspire people to put themselves out there when the opportunity arises.”

These are the types of good news we always want to hear.

Featured Image Source: Matt Johnson

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