Two Sisters Ended up Rescuing 10 Dogs After Setting Out to Save One

These two sisters set out to rescue a dog, but little did they know that they would end…
Two sisters

These two sisters set out to rescue a dog, but little did they know that they would end up saving ten dogs. Megan Wedge came across a dog was wandering around in Dalton, Georgia.

A couple of guys at the plant where I work came into the office and said: Megan, did you see the dog outside? It’s limping,” Wedge told PBS39.

As soon as she got up, she’d fall back down. When she did finally get up, you could see that she couldn’t put her weight on her one back leg. I wanted to help her, so I started posting on social media, just asking if anyone was able to help this dog. I didn’t want to call the pound on her. I was hoping to find her a home.


Megan further said that her sister, Sarah Bauer who lives in Quakertown, Pennsylvania asked her if she could keep the dog. Megan had to be sure if her sister was ready to keep the dog since she knew the responsibility that comes with keeping the dog.

However, Sarah Bauer was bent on keeping the dog, so, the two sisters fixed a time to pick up the dog. Sarah realized that the dog had gone through serious trauma.

Because of Covid-19 and everything going on, I couldn’t go into the vet with her, which was hard in itself. The vet comes out to my car and tells me that her hip is dislocated, she has abrasions on her legs and that she was probably hit by a car.

She also told me that she was hit by buckshot. At that point, I started tearing up. To think that this sweet girl had been treated that way…I don’t even want to think about someone hurting her on purpose.

Sarah Bauer

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The Pennsylvania Game Commission explained that buckshot is the ammunition used particularly for hunting and contains lead pellets when fired. These lead pellets look like tiny pebbles. There are about 18 pellets in each buckshot cartridge.

When Wedge heard all of this she started crying. She maintained that dogs are angels and they should be treated with love and care.

Sarah received good news from Izzy’s ultrasound, the vet had detected a heartbeat in the dog. After everything Izzy had gone through, it is surprising to know that a little puppy is alive in there.

Sarah got a bigger surprise when she learned that the dog she had rescued was expecting nine puppies.

The vet tech came out and said So, we don’t just have a puppy, we have puppies! Do you want to guess how many? I said: Three or four? She said: Nine! I said: Nine puppies…that’s crazy.

Sarah Bauer

Izzy had to undergo hip surgery and as such, a GoFundMe page was created to help with this. According to Sarah’s estimate, she had spent more than $1,000 on medicine, food, puppy supplies, and vet for the past few months. These two sisters have shown an act of kindness towards a wanderlust dog.

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