Two Scientists Build A Company That Helps Clean Wastewater

It’s extremely difficult for anyone to build a company that is worth $250 million, and it’s even harder…

It’s extremely difficult for anyone to build a company that is worth $250 million, and it’s even harder to make sure that the company can make the world a better place. However, that’s exactly what Gaurab Chakrabarti and Sean Hunt have accomplished. The two are the founders of Houston-based Solugen, and they met at a poker game. The company offers an innovative and eco-friendly wastewater treatment that has led to some big money!

Solugen is hard at work trying to make the most affordable and effective industrial chemicals possible. It’s safe to say that those poker games led to success: Solugen is expected to exceed $30 million in revenue this year! This is thanks to the fact that Solugen has over 30 Texas-based energy and industrial customers.

Of course, none of this happened overnight. The two originally marketed a spa treatment product called PeroxyZen, meant to clean up pools. They were able to become successful in the spa niche and then decided to enter the world-famous Y Combinator accelerator. The coronavirus has actually helped their business, as the demand for wastewater cleanup has only increased since March.

Solugen ended up signing a lucrative deal with wet wipes manufacturer Diamond Wipes to create a new brand called Ode To Clean. The wipes were quite a hit among eco-friendly consumers, as it was made from plant starch and didn’t emit any toxic fumes whatsoever. They are also looking to enter the fertilizer market, as well. When the pandemic first hit, they even created 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer and donated most of it to local healthcare facilities.

Solugen uses enzymes to create hydrogen peroxide, and they are often competing directly with much larger chemical companies. However, they’ve managed to gain more clients year by year.

The company has now even landed on the Forbes list of the next possible billion dollar startups, and it’s crazy to think that it all started with poker!

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