This Woman’s Fear of Vegetables and Fruits has been cured by Hypnotherapy

A British woman who has been feeding on just fries, cheese, and pasta for over two decades after…
fear of vegetables and fruits

A British woman who has been feeding on just fries, cheese, and pasta for over two decades after she developed a fear for vegetables and fruits has finally been cured, thanks to hypnotherapy.

32-year-old Jenny Edgar, before she was treated, would gag if she made the mistake of eating something else asides biscuits, cheese, and cereal, or her normal dinner of chips or pasta.

Even her dinner for Christmas was mac and cheese with water. This woman, who is a health center receptionist refused to eat anything vegetables, fruit, or cheese, and any of these would cause her to fall ill.

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After her engagement, she took courage to face this fear to get rid of some weight before her marriage next March. Miraculously, after undergoing six sessions of hypnotherapy, Jenny can now eat foods that she fears normally.

When I was a child I would eat raisins and grapes but hated vegetables. I really hated the texture on some fruits, like the fuzz on peaches or the juiciness of tomatoes, so just didn’t eat them. When I was in my teens, it wasn’t really a problem because I was quite slim but after going to college and having my son I really noticed the weight going on. One Sunday I went for dinner at my fiancé’s house and I had to take my own ready-meal of macaroni and cheese. It was very embarrassing and it was getting me down. I just thought to myself that if I don’t sort it out now then I never will.


Jenny also revealed that she took bold steps to fight her fears to ensure a healthy diet for her Kian (her 8-year-old son).

Because I don’t like fruit and veg I’ve only been buying him strawberries but I want him to try lots of different things.


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