This Texas Animal Sanctuary Connects Special Needs Children with Injured Animals to Create Healing Friendships

At this Texas animal sanctuary, children who have special needs get to connect with injured animals to build…
Texas animal sanctuary

At this Texas animal sanctuary, children who have special needs get to connect with injured animals to build healing friendships. Injured or abandoned animals need help, and one of the best things we can ever do is to help these animals.

This Texas animal sanctuary ensures that these animals get a rescue. Jamie Wallace-Griner is the brain behind Safe in Austin. This project took another dimension when Wallace-Griller noticed the relationship between her autistic son and Angel, his service dog.

We have always loved animals, but when Angel joined our family it became insanely clear how the love of an animal can be literally, miraculous!

Angel gave my son confidence and strength beyond anything I was capable of doing as his mother. She provided protection from his fears, understanding of his thoughts, and power over his disabilities.


Wallace-Griner is quite aware that it is very challenging for most children who are differently-abled or different from their peers to interact with others. Therefore, Wallace-Griner and David Griner decided to purchase an old ranch in Texas, with the aim of turning it into an animal-sanctuary or rehabilitation center.

However, this sanctuary is more than that as it offers a haven to kids with disabilities, emotional trauma, and mental health issues. According to Wallace-Griner, Safe in Austin is focused on rescuing animals from neglect or abuse, rehome them, and provide a safe place they can be loved forever.

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Once they are healthy enough and we have earned their trust; we introduce our rescues to children that come from similar backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and/or special needs.

Our animals provide healing to trauma, at-risk, and/or special needs children by way of unconditional friendship and a clear, loving, example of what they are looking for most, hope.


The population of animals in this Texas animal sanctuary has grown over the years. The animals include pigs, chickens, goats, and other animals that have special needs. This sanctuary is home to animals who are visually impaired, deaf, have deformities, cerebral palsy, and other medical conditions.

At this sanctuary, humans of all descriptions, sizes, and shapes are welcome. This is a safe haven for children with special needs and animals who have been abused or neglected. Before the pandemic began, Safe in Austin welcomed members of the public who visited the sanctuary.

However, the pandemic has restricted the number of guests that visited the sanctuary since safety some rules and regulations were enacted. The sanctuary now allows private family and small-group visits. Wallace-Griner still ensures that people who in need of healing are welcomed.

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