This New Tech Helps to Preserve Perishable Food For Months

You simply don’t need a refrigerator to preserve perishable food with this new technology. A Upstate New York…
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You simply don’t need a refrigerator to preserve perishable food with this new technology. A Upstate New York food-tech startup has developed a new method to help people, especially farmers preserve perishable foods.

Without artificial preservatives, perishable foods remain preserved. This new tech has proved to be one of the best ways to reduce food wastage across the globe.

It will also help to transform the agricultural sector in developing countries where the cost of refrigerated shipping containers is high. Most times, more lands are dedicated to growing grains rather than perishable foods like vegetables and fruits; this is because food spoilage is a major concern in the agricultural sector.

Immediately farmers reap their harvest, a clock starts ticking until the food becomes inedible due to bacteria and oxygen damage.  A new technology, proprietary CO2 pasteurization, was developed by Farther farm to keep perishable food intact at room temperature for more than 90 days.

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French fries were used to test the efficacy of the technology. Normally, French fries need to be refrigerated to remain intact. When this type of food is pasteurized, it would transform into mush due to rapid heating.  Farther farms packaged these fries specially and fill them up with carbon, protecting them against oxidation and bacteria.

Vipul Saran, the co-founder of Farther Farms, grew up in a farming family in India. With his growing-up experience, he understood the difficulties that come with the management and transportation of agricultural products. Most times, these products get spoilt in the process of transporting them, leading to a huge loss.

The whole goal was, basically, how can we look into new, innovative food processing technologies that can allow us to create value-added food products from these perishable food products, which avoids the need and the dependency as much as possible on refrigeration and freezing.


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