This New Sustainable Roofing Material will Keep Your Buildings Cool

A new sustainable roofing material to keep buildings cool has been developed. This material is preferable to Air…
new sustainable roofing material

A new sustainable roofing material to keep buildings cool has been developed. This material is preferable to Air conditioners since A/C’s consume power and result in large energy bills. Your home can now stay cool with this cost-effective roofing material.

The Yi Zheng’s roofing material is a recent invention developed by the associate professor at Northeastern University in Boston. This new sustainable roofing material can make buildings and other objects cool without depending on any cooling systems.

This roofing material can be used for the roofs of warehouses, office buildings, houses, etc. This material reflects sun rays away from the building and also absorbs heat emitted from human bodies, cooking, electronics, etc. from the interior.

This material which is made of cooling paper features porous microstructure of the natural fibers inside that helps to absorb indoor warmth. Zheng was inspired by a bucket of used printing paper. He asked himself how this waste material can be transformed into something useful.

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He then used a high-speed blender in his home kitchen to make a pulp out of the waste and then mixed it with the material used for Teflon. Then he transformed it into a cooling paper that could be used for roofs. Zheng and his team tested the capacity of the material to remain cool under a varying temperature and humid environment.

He and his team realized that this cooling paper can minimize the temperature of a room by 10 degrees Fahrenheit (6 C). This cooling paper can reduce energy footprint and is also environmentally friendly.

The material can be exposed to weather, solar radiation, and various temperatures and can still be reformed without it losing its cooling properties. Zheng tried it and the cooling paper worked perfectly just like the original. Zheng hopes that this invention will help to fight climate change.

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