This New COVID Vaccine, Moderna is Showing Positive Results

There is a new COVID vaccine that protects one against the coronavirus and it is reported to be…
New COVID vaccine

There is a new COVID vaccine that protects one against the coronavirus and it is reported to be 94.5% effective. The data from the US company Moderna revealed this. 30,000 people based in the United States participated in the study, with half of these people receiving doses of the new vaccine spaced four weeks apart and the rest were given placebo injections.

The first 95 participants to develop symptoms of COVID-19 were analyzed. Just five of the cases were in people who received the vaccine, compared to 90 people who were given the dummy treatment.  Furthermore, the data revealed that 11 severe coronavirus cases that occurred among the participants are in the placebo group.

There has been no report of significant safety concerns. A review of solicited unfavorable events shows that the vaccine was well-tolerated among participants. Moderna intends to apply for Emergency Use Authorization in the coming weeks and will be expecting 20 million doses to be shipped in the US.

Moderna also has plans to make a billion doses available across the globe by the end of 2021. Pfizer also shared similar news last week, the data obtained from Moderna gives more hope that vaccines could be used t end the pandemic.

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Pfizer and Moderna have developed messenger RNA vaccines that utilize a similar approach, where part of the genetic code of COVID-19 is injected to enable the immune system to generate T-cells and antibodies that fight the virus.

Both companies have released preliminary data and they have been comparable so far with about 90% protection from Pfizer’s vaccine and about 95% in Moderna’s vaccine, although final numbers could change as both trials continue.

The major difference between Moderna’s vaccine and Pfizer’s vaccine is Moderna’s is easier to store. It stays stable at -4°F for about half a year, this vaccine can be stored in a regular fridge for about four weeks. While Pfizer’s vaccine needs to be stored at below 80 degrees below zero, although it can be stored in a fridge for about five days.

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