This Mizoram Woman Has Assisted More Than 10,000 HIV Positive People to Get Jobs

A Mizoram woman that goes by the name Vanlalurati Colney, has assisted over 10,000 persons to get jobs…
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A Mizoram woman that goes by the name Vanlalurati Colney, has assisted over 10,000 persons to get jobs and has also restored these victim’s hope. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus leads to AIDS when it is not attended to.

Colney who is also HIV positive had once battled with stigma placed on people that live with this health condition. Therefore, this Mizoram woman decided to assist people in this condition. At age 20, Colney was diagnosed with HIV. She developed Herpes Zoster and there was blisters in her body.

Her hair began to fall away and the discharge coming out of her body made her skin stick to the bedsheets. She revealed that when she was in the hospital, the staff wouldn’t want to touch her sheets, so, she washed the sheets.

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At this time, healthcare workers in Mizoram were not orientated about HIV and its treatment. Colney said her family had started losing hope on her recovery. However, she was determined to fight the virus. She became a member of a local church. Then the willingness to help HIV patients became stronger.

She set up an advocacy group for women who are HIV positive. The Positive Women’s Network of Mizoram was established to empower these women by connecting them with government schemes for welfare.

So far, this program has been able to help more than 10,000 HIV patients across the state. During the pandemic, this group supported people who are abandoned and drug addicts.

According to Colney, the stigma and discrimination HIV patients get had created obstacles in their work as people questioned their devotion.  However, her determination helped her.

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