This Family-Style Restaurant Offers Food for Free to Anyone in Alabama

A family-style restaurant is located in Alabama, and you know what? No prices, no cash register, just lots…
family-style restaurant

A family-style restaurant is located in Alabama, and you know what? No prices, no cash register, just lots of soul food.

Located in downtown Brewton, at Drexell & Honeybee near the border of Florida, their menu changes every day, but all the time there are options of Southern dishes to eat; cornbread, fried chicken, collard greens, are usually available a lunchtime from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

What makes this family-style restaurant stand out? Their continued Southern hospitality. No matter how bad things go for a person, they have nothing to worry about if they have no money to eat lunch.

Once you’ve had your dessert in this family-style restaurant, all you need is to leave whatever you can or afford in a private booth very close to the entrance of the restaurant, even if it is just a few coins or an appreciation note.

This restaurant is owned by a couple – Freddie and Lisa Thomas-McMillan, and they make no gain from this restaurant. All donations made go back into serving the people of Alabama. So what do they gain from all these? Joy!

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This couple revealed that they feel very joyful that their customers leave “with a full stomach, a full heart, and the understanding that you are loved and worthy of love.”

Right from time, Lisa had a big heart. Back then, she ran a food bank. She has also given shelter to the needy. She revealed that this act of helping the needy came up in second grade after learning from a little girl who always came with a better sandwich, but preferred to share it with Lisa happily in a daily trade where she could get some peanut butter and jelly from her.

In an interview with GNN, Lisa said: “‘Feed the Need’ is our mission statement. Whatever needs people have, if we can help them… we will.”

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has made things difficult for this family-style restaurant, this generous family has continued to do what they love.

The end of June we figured out a way to do to-go orders and keep everyone safe…It is working out very well and we feel so proud to be able to do what we do, with COVID-19 affecting so many people. When my husband and I opened, we agreed to put a portion of our retirement back into the running of the restaurant… as you can imagine donations are down, but we will continue to try and be of service to all the people that come to our door.


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