This Cycling Group Volunteers to Repair Bikes for Free in the Navajo Nation

The Navajo nation in New Mexico is known to be a place where people love riding bicycles, but…
Navajo Nation

The Navajo nation in New Mexico is known to be a place where people love riding bicycles, but there is no bicycle repair shop in this community. This is the major reason a cycling group volunteers to set up a repair shop in the desert.

With this new development, residents won’t have to travel a long distance to repair their bikes. Silver Stallion, a bike repair, is coming to them directly and will be repairing bikes for free. Silver Stallion Bicycle & Coffee Works will be going to Dine Land to repair bikes for free for the Navajo Nation.

This cycling group is doing this as a way to relieve people during this COVID-19 and received a grant from the New Mexico Economic Development to cover any expenditure. The Southwest Indian Foundation gave a delivery truck and a grant to cover the operating costs was awarded to the Stallion.

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Myron Billy, Stans-Pivot Pro Team mechanic, went to Gallup to outfit the new truck donated to Stallion as a mobile bike shop. Billy and his Stallion’s team members carried out several repair events from September to November and about 425 bikes have been repaired in several communities in Navajo.

Dine mechanics and several riders were in charge of the mobile repair center of Silver Stallion. The experience Billy had while working on the mountain bike circuit was important to the success of the operation in making several bikes ready to ride.

The Silver stallion crew made use of parts donated by some companies alongside some parts of old bikes to repair bikes. This initiative was so successful that they needed to reduce the intake of bikes at almost all events.

Silver Stallion plans to continue repairing bikes for free in the Navajo Nation. This initiative believes that cycling is a way to recreate amid this pandemic.

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