This California Highway is the First Road Constructed from Recycled Plastic in the US

California Highway becomes the first road to be made from recycled plastic. This road may look like every…
California highway

California Highway becomes the first road to be made from recycled plastic. This road may look like every other road in the United States, but this road is very different. It is the first recycled plastic highway in the USA.

Technisoil, a sustainable landscaping company collaborated with the state transit officials to replace this road in July and over 150,000 single-use plastic bottles were used in the process.

CalTrans, (California Department of Transportation) maintained that the eco-friendly road formula is about 3 times more durable than the regular asphalt pavement. This formula isn’t only durable, according to Technisoil officials; the procedure emits 90 percent fewer greenhouse gases than the process the Caltrans utilize.

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Typically, CalTrans repaved highways by tearing up the uppermost 3 to 6 inches of asphalt to ground it up and mix with bitumen. Since this material is only utilized as a base for the roadway, nearly 42 truckloads of hot asphalt are still imported by Caltrans in order to finish the road.

Since bitumen is now replaced with a binding agent made from melted plastic bottles, Technisoil’s procedure makes it unnecessary to import asphalt, and this guarantees that the road is constructed with 100% recycled plastic in a liquid polymer.

Technisoil informed Fast Company that they have started putting effort into launching additional plastic road projects across the state.

We’re excited about introducing new sustainable technology and helping pave the way for utilization of recycled plastics throughout the state.

This process is better for the environment because it keeps plastic bottles out of landfills and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. 

Caltrans District 3 Director, Amarjeet S. Benipal.

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