This Bio Battery can be Powered by Natural Organisms Present in Soil

Bio battery that can be powered by natural organisms present in the soil is set to be designed…
Bio battery

Bio battery that can be powered by natural organisms present in the soil is set to be designed by a Spanish biotech company and this may be the most disruptive technology in the world. Bioo designs batteries that make use of soil microbes to produce electricity in an ingenious way.

When the soil in which the battery is planted receives nutrients, rain, and microbes that feed on already decaying plant, these activities generate electrons and protons. When this is combined with oxygen coming in through holes in the battery, this process produces a good amount of electricity to power screens, lights, or small appliances.

Bioo is a biotech company that aims at scaling up its technology until it can generate enough power for a whole house. This might not be hard to achieve since toxic or rare earth minerals are not required for production.

Potted plants are mostly used for carrying out research in Bioo since such plants get excess energy through the roots, which can power small devices. The company’s founder Pablo Vidarte has developed other innovative ways to display his ideas to generate the capital and data required to scale up.

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The Living Installation is an example of one of these displays. The Living Installation uses plants like biological switches. Virdate has found out that some potted plants can generate energy via his innovative systems and can be utilized like electrical switches and powering small appliances.

The larger Bioo panels of Virdate power the outdoor lighting used in the company. These lightings turn on at night. Soil microbes are very unique as they never stop producing energy, unlike solar panels that need batteries to store energy for utilization when there is no sun.

Soil microbes maintain a consistent flow of power even at night. This Bioo panel will save water beneath a lawn or garden since it generates extra H20 that is discharged into the soil. Vidarte maintains that this technology has the potential to be very cheap.

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