This 441-lb Man Lost 228 Pounds in 15 Months and now Runs Marathon

This 441-lb man has just lost about 228 pounds in just 15 months. Before he lost so much…
This 441-lb man

This 441-lb man has just lost about 228 pounds in just 15 months. Before he lost so much weight, he couldn’t even fit in a theater seat. He was inspired when he realized he couldn’t even play with his kids due to his big size.

On realizing this, Rob Sparkes cultivated an eating habit that help him loose some weight. He took up running amid the pandemic, and he has been able to shed 216 pounds.

Before, I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath.


The father of two was always consuming 6,000 calories per day before he lost his weight. He said the farthest he would walk was just to get food. He would always take a large quantity of meals. He always ate 4 pieces of toast, coke, half-pound burger, family-sized bag of potato, chocolate, etc.

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I’d order takeaway, typically a massive pizza, and later on I’d watch television and eat popcorn. I’d also drink about two liters of Coke every day. I just couldn’t stop. I got in a really bad rut.


His doctor was surprised he didn’t have any health issues, however, he advised that he needed to watch his diet as he might develop joint problems or diabetes. On hearing this, he had to change his diet in order to loose weight. The 31-year-old man revealed that he only takes veggies now and he doesn’t really take snacks again.

After Sparkes lost his weight, he started paying attention to his physical fitness. He joined a running club in March and ran his first marathon on December 20th.

I had my wife and kids there waiting for me at the end, and it felt amazing. I ran it in five hours and 24 minutes, but I ran the whole thing.


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