This 3D Solar Panel Design Enhances Light Absorption by a Stunning 125%

A newly upgraded 3D solar panel design has been reported to help increase light absorption by a stunning…
3D solar panel design

A newly upgraded 3D solar panel design has been reported to help increase light absorption by a stunning 125 percent. This new upgrade was built by scientists at the UK’s University of York. Some experts have reached a consensus that solar energy is one of the cheapest and most sustainable green technologies available.

This 3D solar panel design is indeed a potential game-changer as it intends to harvest more energy for the same cost.  The team of scientists achieved this feat by making use of a checkerboard design face, rather than the traditional flat panel surface.

This new design increased the rate of diffraction, which measures the probability of light absorbed. The innovative pattern employed by the team also made them believe that thinner, more flexible, and lighter solar panels could be a natural result.

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Dr. Christian Schuster from the Department of Physics at the University of York said that a simple trick for enhancing slim solar cell absorption has been discovered. According to him, their investigations reveal that their idea rivals the absorption enhancement of sophisticated designs.

In principle, we could deploy ten times more solar power for the same amount of absorber material: ten times thinner solar cells could enable a rapid expansion of photovoltaics, increase solar electricity production, and greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

Dr. Christian Schuster

The team of scientists maintains that the amount of silicon needed for their panels with thinner cells would reduce the new panels’ cost. Furthermore, this could result in solar cell technology’s adoption of specialized applications.

Scientists are quite aware that there is a limit to how efficient photovoltaic solar cells can be when converting solar energy into usable electricity. A good solar panel will convert about 20 percent of the sunlight. With this upgraded 3D solar panel design, companies will be able to increase that level substantially.

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