Thief Returns Stolen COVID-19 Vaccines In Haryana, Pens Down Note

Stolen COVID-19 vaccines had been returned by a thief. On Thursday, the suspect had stolen a bag that…
Stolen COVID-19 vaccines

Stolen COVID-19 vaccines had been returned by a thief. On Thursday, the suspect had stolen a bag that contained more than 1,700 doses of COVID-19 Vaccine. This incident took place at Jind General Hospital’s storeroom in Haryana’s Jind.

However, it was so surprising when the suspected thief returned the bag with a penned-down note. The note reads “Sorry, I never knew it was doses of COVID-19 Vaccine” This note was written in Hindi. It was well attached to the returned bag with the words written clearly.

The police have swung into action as they are trying to track down the thief. Also, a case has been filed from the Jind General Hospital’s storeroom where the act took place. It is a case of theft.

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It was around noon the suspect returned the stolen COVID-19 vaccines. The bag was handed to a man at a tea shop right outside the Civil Lines Police Station. The man to whom the bag was delivered was informed that the returned bag contained food for the police. The suspect left afterward claiming he was running around errands.

However, the police suspect that the thief probably stole the bag thinking it contained the anti-viral drug Remdesivir. The police are ensuring that with full force the culprit will be tracked and caught.

The bag contained some doses of vaccines expected to be given to citizens. The culprit is yet to be identified. From May 1, India is expected to expand the vaccination to people above 18.

There will be registration for this category. This is expected to start on April 28. The vaccination process along with the files to be submitted for it has not changed. The increase in cases in the past weeks has been tagged a crazier second wave of COVID-19.

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