The World has Accomplished its Goal to Protect More Land

The goal to protect more land has been finally achieved after more than 8.1 million square miles to…
goal to protect more land

The goal to protect more land has been finally achieved after more than 8.1 million square miles to the network of conservation areas and national parks in the world. This indicates that 8% of Marine areas and 17% of inland water and land habitats are withing areas being conserved. Therefore, the total coverage increased by 42% in the past ten years.

When the world set the Aichi 11 goals at the 10th Biodiversity Conference held in Japan, a lot changed and there was development. Conserved areas have increased, with new protected places added monthly as governments and other stakeholders increase their effort.

For the past 10 years, the biggest growth has been in coastal areas and marine, where 68% of the present network’s area isn’t even up to 10 years old.

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The latest edition of the biennial Protected Planet Report is the final report card on Aichi Target 11. It is clear that coverage on land will considerably exceed the 17% target when data for all areas are made available, as many protected and conserved areas remain unreported.

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The next global biodiversity plan should have been agreed at the UN Biodiversity Conference in Kunming, China and is expected to include the goal to increase coverage and effectiveness of conserved areas.

According to the Protected Planet Report, the challenge is to boost the quality of existing and new areas, and this includes connecting each other to enable species to move and as well as ecological processes to go on.

The report also reveals that more efforts have to made to manage conserved and protected areas equally, so that local people won’t bear the conservation’s costs while others enjoy its benefits. This is very important to developing conservation networks that people support everywhere. it is also important to achieve the goal to protect more land.

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