The First Home hydrogen Battery in the World Powers House for 3 Days and It is Recyclable

This home hydrogen battery is the first in the world and has proved to be a good option…
Home hydrogen battery

This home hydrogen battery is the first in the world and has proved to be a good option for households as it can power your home for 3 days. It is recyclable and also has no fire risk. It is the first of its kind.

When this home hydrogen battery is fully charged, it can supply a house with electricity for three good days. If you have been thinking of switching to solar panels, then you may have no idea of how to generate power when it goes cloudy.

This is to say that solar panels also have their disadvantages, hence; one can’t totally depend on them. In the same way there have been some improvements in electric car batteries; there are now better ways to store solar power when there is no sun.

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LAVO will be providing a green battery storage system that will store the sun for darker days. This system utilizes electrolysis to produce energy from stored hydrogen. The material where this hydrogen is retained is safer than conventional technologies.

This battery is hooked up to the water main ad any rooftop PV solar array. The solar energy will power electrolyzer to convert water into oxygen and hydrogen, with the hydrogen going to the hydride storage material and the oxygen going back to the air.

When you switch off the battery, a fuel cell converts already stored hydrogen back into electricity. This hydrogen is preserved in a solid-state instead of gas or liquid and as such, reduces the risk of fire. The LAVO hydrogen battery can retain three times more power than normal home lithium battery systems.

This battery costs about $29,500 and is the size of a home refrigerator. The battery has detachable units that can power other hydrogen-electric machines from LAVO.

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