The Answer To Korea’s Net-Zero Dream May Possibly Be The World’s Largest Wind Farm

The World’s largest wind farm in Korea will help the nation to overcome its energy problems. Having a…
World's largest wind farm

The World’s largest wind farm in Korea will help the nation to overcome its energy problems. Having a climate and topography that are not favorable for large-scale wind power generation on the land, Korea has opted for the sea as a source of possible energy generation.

It has been revealed that the fishing grounds where some butterfish, croakers, and shrimps were caught by Jung Kuenbae and his ancestors for about three generations would be turned into the world’s largest wind farm. Kuenbae has declared that he has no issue with the idea.

He further revealed that it was not easy to support the idea. This was why he initially went against the proposed plan of turning their fishing grounds into an offshore wind farm. It was going to affect their livelihood drastically, that was what he had earlier thought.

Jung Kuenbae is the team leader of some local fishermen who go about fishing in not less than 200 ships across the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula. He supported the plan when he realized it would be beneficial to everyone because it was a transition to better energy generation.

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It was stated that the 48.5 trillion wind farm would be structured over the next ten years off the southwest coast of the country. This would enable the country to generate about 8.2 gigawatts of electricity.

According to Lee Sanghoon, president of New and Renewable Energy Center at Korea Energy Agency, he stated that it would be crucial to know that South Korea would have to rely on renewable energy for its power generation if it would like to get to the point of climate neutrality in 2050.

Globally, developers recorded that about 96.3 gigawatts of wind turbines were installed in 2020 while about 6.5% of renewable energy was accounted for South Korea’s power generation in 2019.

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