Texas Couple Delivers Wedding Flowers to Help Spread Love Around the Neighborhood

A Texas couple who recently got married thought about giving out the fresh white and pink white roses…
Texas couple

A Texas couple who recently got married thought about giving out the fresh white and pink white roses that were sitting in their pickup rather than tossing out. So Hannah decided to put a call on social media to anyone who is interested in receiving these flowers.

I would like to deliver these to anyone needing a lift in their spirits. If anyone knows of someone going through a tough time, an elderly or disabled person that is alone on their street, even if you’ve never talked to them but just see them occasionally.

Please message me their address and I will deliver a flower arrangement to them with an encouraging note.


Over 120 people commented on the posts, supporting the couple’s good gesture. The couple also got some private messages from people. The couple started received nominations from people, telling them about patients battling Covid-19, cancer, people who had recent losses, and teachers going through tough times.

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The couple spent about six hours giving out flowers to different people in different locations. Hannah and Chance distributed the flowers to friends, loved ones, coworkers, etc. Hannah revealed that some people cried when they gave them the flowers, while some hugged them and said thank you.

Hannah and Chance met three years ago and the duo revealed that planning their wedding amidst pandemic was very challenging. The couple had to postpone their wedding which was meant to hold in April.

I know I always enjoy getting flowers, so we just wanted to spread that same joy to others in need. Chance and I are believers and simply wanted to do what God tells us to do, which is to love and spread love to your neighbors.


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