Teenage Boy Designs Nice Bow Ties for Rescue Dogs to Get Adopted

A teenage boy has decided to make nice bow ties for rescue dogs. Rescue dogs need to stand…
Teenage boy

A teenage boy has decided to make nice bow ties for rescue dogs. Rescue dogs need to stand out  to get a perfect home, so, Darius Brown took it upon himself to make this dog look special. Darius learned how to sew from his sister, Dazhai.

Darius knew he had a lot to do when his first project, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bowtie, gained popularity among his peers. Joy, Darius’s mother is happy about her son’s new-found passion. Darius who was diagnosed with speech disorders became better when he started pursuing his new craft.

He was so determined. He sat and watched Dazhai for months and took it all in. He started out cutting fabric and pretty soon, he was running the sewing machine by himself.

Darius mother

When Darius knew about the dogs rendered homeless by Hurricane Irma in 2017, he began to help this dog get adopted by making bow ties for them.

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He delivered 25 bow ties to ASPCA animal shelter in New York City. Several dogs and cats affected by Irma found a refuge in the shelter. Darius said he decided to make more bow ties when he realized how glad the people at the shelter were.

So far, Darius has sewn about 600 bowties for shelter animals since he began sewing bow ties. Shelters in Washington D.C and other states in the United States have received bow ties from Darius.

 Darius loves to sew bow ties for disabled pets or older pets since they find it difficult to get a perfect home. Staffs at various animal shelters have acknowledged that the bowties have helped some low-profile dogs get someone to adopt them.

However, this teenage boy doesn’t have a canine companion because the apartment he stays with his family prohibits people from having dogs around.

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