Suspected Shoplifter at San Francisco Walgreens Arrested in Spree of Thefts

A suspected shoplifter at San Francisco Walgreens has been arrested while trying to shoplift goods in the store.…
suspected shoplifter

A suspected shoplifter at San Francisco Walgreens has been arrested while trying to shoplift goods in the store. According to police, the man had been accused of shoplifting initially but the suspicion was confirmed when he was caught again in the same act.

Footage in which the man was seen shoplifting items from Walgreens had gone viral. Shoplifting is a major concern for officials in the city as this crime is becoming more rampant.

40-year-old Jean Lugo-Romero was apprehended at a drug store just after in San Francisco.  The police revealed that they couldn’t identify the store, but there is a CVS on the block.

Lugo-Romero was seen entering the store and clearing off cosmetics from the shelves. The suspected shoplifter has been taken into custody.

Lugo-Romero will be faced with the charges of attempted theft at the San Francisco County Jail. According to the charges, the suspected shoplifter entered a business with the aim of committing theft.

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According to SFPD, they had been on the lookout for Lugo-Romero, who had committed thefts from merchants in Mission and Northern Districts. Police called him a retail theft suspect. Police maintained that Lugo-Romero was the suspected shoplifter in a video that went viral last week. He was captured taking goods from Walgreens and keeping them in a bag.

In the video, the theft had continued. The suspect put the bag containing the stolen items on his bike. The suspect rode away with the bag on the bike. A member of the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco, Ahsha Safai, conducted a hearing where the shoplifting issue in the city was discussed. Retailers such as CVS and Walgreens talked about the issue.

This has been out of control. People are scared to go into these stores: seniors, people with disabilities, children. And it’s just happening brazenly. We can’t just as a city throw up our hands and say this is OK.


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