Survey Reveals that Employees May Work Harder if their Employers do this

A survey carried out on 2,000 employed adults that work from the comfort of their homes revealed that…
Survey Reveals that Employees will work harder if their bosses do something

A survey carried out on 2,000 employed adults that work from the comfort of their homes revealed that workers haven’t felt enough appreciation from their employers since they stopped commuting.

7 out of 10 of the survey respondents revealed that they work more and even much harder, and 75% of respondents revealed that there would be improvements in their mental health if their employers appreciated and recognized them more.

When these respondents were asked what they would love to hear while at work, “thank you” was the most frequent answer followed by “I appreciate you doing that” and “that was helpful” claiming third spot.

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Hearing that your time is valued and that you are performing more than expectations also made the top five.

Companies know that the mental health of their teams has become a significant concern. More than 74% of employees indicated that their mental health is tied to how well they feel appreciated at work. Successful employers will have a meaningful plan to address that.

Scott Johnson (Founder of Motivosity).

Work shouldn’t be the only place where there should be some appreciation, no matter how little, goes a long way. 50% of Americans feel no one around their house appreciates them.

(63%) of them also said that they feel they are carrying all the burden of the chores on their shoulders and that no one cares.

Two of the main points for appreciation were not being appreciated for taking care of the laundry (42%) and keeping the bathroom tidy regularly (40%). Four out of every five (79%) revealed that knowing they were appreciated would really boost their mental health everyday.

Almost 50% of the respondents said that their preferred method of appreciation were while 39% think getting a small gift will make them feel better.

If you’re trying to improve your company culture, focus on gratitude and appreciation. Enable team and individuals to be appreciative of each other. That’s the kind of culture that keeps customers happy and wins “Best Places to Work” awards!


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