Students Inspire Clayton Ward To Become A Teacher

Many people end up inspired by their teachers and bus drivers, but it appears as though a bus…

Many people end up inspired by their teachers and bus drivers, but it appears as though a bus driver has been inspired by his students. Specifically, Clayton Ward has returned back to school to get a college degree. Why, you ask? He felt passionate about continuing his education after being encouraged by the same students that he drove on a daily basis. 

The Massachusetts bus driver had gone to a Virgina college before, but he ended up eventually dropping out. In an interesting twist of fate, Ward’s family actually owned a school bus company in Tennessee, where he grew up.

Ward had learned some history while he was at college, and he often took the time to speak about history with some of the students on the bus. He would also speak about their curriculum in general, and had remained a self-proclaimed “history buff”. Clayton’s approach to speaking about history was well-received, and some students even remarked that they had wished he was their teacher.

Ward downplays this notion, stating that they may have only said it because he was a “different person from their regular teachers.” That didn’t stop him from being motivated about finally getting his degree. 

Ward decided that it might not be too late for a career change. He decided that his new dream was to become a history teacher, and so he decided to enroll in MassBay Community College in 2019. Clayton started taking full-time classes at MassBay, while also working full-time as a bus driver. 

Incredibly, he graduated a year later with a 4.0 GPA, and had graduated with an Associates in Arts degree. That isn’t all! Ward also made the Dean’s List and was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. He later transferred to Farmington State University and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history. He also minored in secondary education.

Clayton Ward reminds us that it’s never too late to get an education!

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