Stranger Saves Lost Hiker, all thanks to His Strange GPS Hobby

A lost hiker has been rescued from his peril, all thanks to a stranger’s strange GPS hobby. Rene…
Lost hiker

A lost hiker has been rescued from his peril, all thanks to a stranger’s strange GPS hobby. Rene Compean was hiking when he got lost; he had feared that nobody would find him where he was because it was lonely.

Benjamin Kuo is fond of looking at pictures and figuring out where they were shot. This is really a strange hobby that he admits he loves. However, Benjamin’s hobby had saved Rene from dying in a deserted world alone.

Rene had gone for a hike in Angeles National Forest and then it dawned on him he was lost. 45-year-old Rene had sent a picture of his legs to a friend, according to the Sheriff’s Department at Los Angeles County.

Rene told his friend the battery of his phone was dying and he was alone in a lonely place. When the search-and-rescue teams organized by the Sheriff couldn’t find Rene after spending a night looking for him, they decided to send the pictures to the public.

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The police department sent the pictures to the public with the hope that someone might be familiar with the Scenery where Rene was.  Although the pictures had very little information, Benjamin, was able to identify where this lost hiker was.

Benjamin is a radio operator that works in the tech industry. For years, he has been examining satellite pictures to detect and track local wildfires.  According to Benjamin, he loves to look for where pictures are shot, that is his hobby.

When Benjamin saw the image of Rene’s leg, he pulled up a map and the search began.  Ben sent information about Rene’s whereabouts to the Sheriff’s department and the Search-and Rescue team worked in line with it.

Rene was finally rescued due to Benjamin’s satellite skills. Rene was safe and didn’t need any medical care when he was found. On realizing it was Benjamin that saved him, Rene expressed his gratitude in a virtual meeting with Benjamin.

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