Spanish Triathlete Allows Competitor across Finish Line

A Spanish Triathlete, Diego Mentrida, allowed his competitor, James Teagle to cross the line first in a Santander…
Spanish Triathlete

A Spanish Triathlete, Diego Mentrida, allowed his competitor, James Teagle to cross the line first in a Santander Triathlon that held on September 13. The British competitor, James Teagle became disoriented and missed the bend, making him run into one of the metal barriers that line the route.

Diego Méntrida, a Spanish Triathlete who was a second behind his rival during the final stage decided not to take advantage of his rival’s mistake by allowing James to cross the line before him, giving up what could have given him a breakthrough in his career.

Seeing him make the mistake, I unconsciously stopped myself. He deserved it.


His competitor, Teagle was not just anyone; he has been an up-and-coming athlete in the sport in Britain. On the other hand, Diego Méntrid has only been competing for just a year in the Madrid municipality of Alcobendas. He combines his sporting activity with his studies in sports science and physiotherapy.

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Due to the current pandemic, Diego has not been able to attend races, interrupting his strong recent record. However, he has continued gaining relevance amidst the lockdown, all thanks to his good results in some events organized through a multiplayer program where cyclists across the world can compete in real stages without leaving their homes.

Diego Mentrida and James Teagle will compete together at the Bilbao triathlon holding on September 26.This is not the first time; a sporting gesture like this will be made. Another Spanish athlete, Iván Fernández Anaya, allowed a Kenyan rival to run across the finish line in a cross-country race in Burlada, Navarre.

The Kenyan athlete had stopped 10 meters before the finish, thinking he had crossed the final line. When Fernández Anaya caught up with his rival, he didn’t take advantage of his mistake, instead, he stayed behind and gestured the Kenyan to the line and allowed him to cross first.

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