Space Sector to Keep Societies and Economies on Track Admist the Pandemic

We can say that the space sector is doing well to keep economies and societies on the right…
Space sector

We can say that the space sector is doing well to keep economies and societies on the right track during this pandemic. On Wednesday, the head of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), chief Simonetta Di Pippo,  said that the developments in the space sector have come in handy, helping countries to keep their economies and citizens safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The head of UNOOSA delivered a keynote address to the G20 meeting, a conference aimed at the global space sector, where the various ways the sector has been supporting pandemic response and recovery were outlined.

The current pandemic is a crisis unlike any we have ever seen. It has taught us that decisive action matters. It has also shown that when called upon, the space sector can deliver.

chief Simonetta Di Pippo.

Ms. Di Pippo was invited to deliver a speech by Saudi Arabia in the just-concluded G20 virtual conference, Space20, the first of its kind.

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Since 1999, World Space Week has been celebrated from 4-10 October. These dates were chosen based on the launch of Sputnik 1 on October 4th 1957, and signing of the Outer Space treaty on 10 October 1967.  This team for this year is ‘Satellites improve lives.’

The top UN official revealed that since the beginning of Covid-19, UNOOSA had introduced a Space and COVID-19 Knowledge Portal to capture and share examples of “space in action”, in which almost 100 specific contributions had been documented.

Ms. Di Pippo further explained that there are three major space technologies which include satellite communications, Earth Observation, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems. When these technologies are integrated with space-enabled mobile applications, they helped to get important goods across borders and as well as assisted the observation of physical distancing among people.

Simply put, space has a limited disruption and helped keep our societies and the economies on track.

Ms. Di Pippo

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