Son Reciprocates Gift of Life to His Mother by Donating a Portion of his Liver

A son reciprocates gift of life to his mother who needs a vital organ to stay alive. Mary…
Son reciprocates gift of life

A son reciprocates gift of life to his mother who needs a vital organ to stay alive. Mary Anne Straub said that her dear son doesn’t have to give her a present for the Mothers’ Day celebration since Rick Catalogna had given her part of his liver.

65-year-old Mary Anne recalled how his son Rick saved her life by sacrificing a lot for her. She maintained that she is forever grateful to her son.  44-year-old Rick and Mary Anne went through a liver transplant on December 11.

Mary Anne had been battling liver disease for a long time now until her son donated his liver for her. Mary Anne who is a retired administrative law judge supervisor was diagnosed with fatty liver disease in 2011. Later on, this disease generated into non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

Mary Anne’s parents had died as a result of this disease. Doctors told Mary Anne that she needed a transplant because of the disease. Mary Anne was badly affected by this disease. She had been a golfer and had always enjoyed outdoor activities, but this disease deprived her of that.

She always got exhausted and struggled to move about. Her eyes and skin became pale and she began to gain weight. Doctors drained the fluids that had accumulated in her body every week.

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I would fall asleep in the middle of someone talking to me. I didn’t even realize how sick I was until after I had the transplant.

Mary Anne

The doctor told Mary Anne that she needed to look for a liver donor. Immediately Mary Anne’s daughter heard about this, she launched a page on Facebook. After a while, Rick thought about donating the liver to his mother. He discussed with the doctor to know the risks involved.

When Mary Anne heard this, she was moved by this offer. However, she maintained that’s she wanted her son to be available for his children. Rick immediately maintained that he also wanted his mother to be around for them.

Rick who works at Harrell’s LLC was also given some time to undergo the surgery. Some tests were carried out to ensure Rick was in the right condition to donate to his mother. After the tests, the doctor scheduled the surgery and it was done successfully. The doctors got rid of nearly 70 percent of Rick’s liver and gave his mother.

Unlike other organs in our body, the liver regenerates. Now Mary Anne’s and Rick’s livers have normal sizes.  As this son reciprocates the gift of life to his mother, it shows how our loved ones remain special to us.

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