Singaporean Woman Leaves More Than $1m to Poor Kids in Africa

A Singaporean woman, Ms. Doris Chua Kheng Geck, had paid for her obituary before she died on March…
Singaporean woman

A Singaporean woman, Ms. Doris Chua Kheng Geck, had paid for her obituary before she died on March 20. She penned down a farewell message to her family and friends before she died.  She apologized to her loved ones for her departure and thanked them for the kindness and love they showered on her while she was alive.

Ms Chua’s family revealed that she requested some things on her obituary, especially the page positioning and size of her picture. Madam Ivy Kuah, Ms Chua’s sister-in-law, said that Chua had been a planner and had always loved to do things her own way.

Ms Chua was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after she clocked 60 in February 2018. However, she had prepared a will before she fell ill. In her will, she stated that her three-room Seastrand unit should be sold and the proceeds should be donated to World Vision Singapore, a non-profit organization World Vision Singapore, to help Africa’s underprivileged communities.

This three-room Seastrand unit is said to be valued at more than $1 million. Eric, Chua’s elder brother maintained that her late sister had been thinking about rendering some assistance to African communities after she read about the former South African president, Nelson Mandela, in 2015.

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MS. Chua sponsored a girl from Ethiopia in 2016. The girl will continue to receive assistance from Chua until she clocks 18, according to Chua’s wishes.

This is in the hope that it would be able to help the children in Africa have a higher chance of receiving an education to help their country. I am just doing my small part.

Ms Chua

39-year-old Desmond Cai, Ms Chua’s nephew, said that her aunt has always liked children. This Singaporean woman set up a childcare center before making it a private Chinese tutor. Ms Chua spent the remaining months of her life at St Andrew’s Community Hospital.

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