Senate Passes Biden’s $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill

Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill has just been passed by the senate. This relief package will provide Americans…
COVID-19 relief bill

Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill has just been passed by the senate. This relief package will provide Americans with vaccine distribution and $1400 direct payments. This bill was passed after much discussion on Friday. The session which started on Friday ended on Saturday.

All members of the Senate supported it while all Republicans voted against the bill. The final result of the vote was 50-49.

“It’s been a long day, a long night, a long year, But a new day has come. We tell the American people ‘help is on the way. “

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

This COVID-19 relief bill is one of the priorities of Biden’s administration. He has emphasized the fact that this aid is mainly for Americans struggling with the economic impacts of the pandemic. Since the pandemic began, over 522,000 Americans have lost their lives.

The president stressed that the package was a step ahead in achieving what he promised to Americans. He had pledged to offer assistance to Americans negatively affected by the pandemic.

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Democrats couldn’t get everything as the bill doesn’t include the provision of a $15 hourly minimum wage while unemployment benefits paid on a weekly basis were reduced from 400 dollars to 300 dollars. However, a $350 billion grant for both localities and states.

Republicans criticized the measure maintaining that this benefits only large cities and blue sates. The Democratic House has to pass this bill one more time before the president can sign it. Since unemployment benefits have been reduced House Democrats might find it difficult to support this measure and allow the bill to be passed in the chamber.

The bill plans to increase the child tax credit to 3,600 dollars for each child, provide the majority of Americans earning $75,000 as income with a stimulus check of $1, 400, and provide $130 billion to help reopen colleges and schools, offer assistance to small businesses.

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