Scottish community raises funds to Sponsor 10,500-acre nature reserve

Scottish community has raised a sum of £3.1 m out of £6.4 m needed to create a nature…
Scottish community

Scottish community has raised a sum of £3.1 m out of £6.4 m needed to create a nature reserve. The community initiative plans to create a nature reserve in southern Scotland. So far, the community has raised £3.1 m and has to raise a further £3.3 m by the end of the next month.

The Langholm Initiative plans to purchase the land from Buccleuch Estates and this would be considered the area’s largest community-land buyout

The total cost of this land is £6.4m with a smaller option of (5,200 acres) for £4.2m available. The community has raised £3.1m, which includes a grant of £1m from the Scottish Land Fund and a sum of £135,000 realized from a Go Fund Me campaign.  By the end of October, the sale has to be completed.

The proposals stated that the local community will enjoy economic benefits from the new Tarras Valley Nature Reserve through the restoration of natural habitats. It will also increase the biodiversity on the moor which homes wildlife like short- haired owls (pictured), otters, hen harriers, wild goats, and black grouse.

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[We want to] restore globally precious peatlands and ancient woodlands [and] create new native woodlands. At this critical stage, we are asking for the help of the public. We know it’s a big ask at a time like this – but if people can support us we will be ensuring a more positive future for our children.

Kevin Cumming, the Langholm Initiative’s project leader.

Over the years, efforts have been made towards the preservation of wildlife and restoration of wild places. The 10,500-acres natural reserve project is a great one.

According to Mike Daniels, head of land management at the John MuirTrust, which contributed £100,000 towards the effort, there is a correlation between the restoration of wild places and the regeneration of rural communities.

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