Scott Kolbrenner is Donating the $145,000 he Won on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to Charity

Scott Kolbrenner won a sum of $145,000 on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and then decided to donate it to…
Scott Kolbrenner

Scott Kolbrenner won a sum of $145,000 on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and then decided to donate it to charity. Kolbrenner maintained that he had planned to give all the money he won to charity. ‘Wheeel of  Fortune’ is a popular American television game in which contestants solve word puzzles to win prizes and cash by spinnig a wheel.

Luck smiled on Scott Kolbrenner throughout the show. Kolbrenner was next on the Express Wedge after he scored a $3,500 wedge. He finished the game with a total of $45,000 to outwin other contestants. Kolbrenner selected P, H, G, and O to solve the grand-prize puzzle.

Only six letters were hidden as at the time Vamma White had turned the tiles. Koobrenner had guessed “Flowing white gown” just at the time the 10-second clock began to tick.

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Kolbrenner shared the money he won between two local charities, Uplift Family Services and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. This food bank outreach has supported thousands of California families experiencing food insecurity. The Uplift Family Services is a behavioral health treatment provider and Kolbrenner is one of the board.

While I hoped I would do okay, I never thought that anything like this could happen. I got lucky that day and knew right away that I wanted to share my good fortune. The fun and memories from the day will stay with me forever, but the urgent need in our community cannot wait.


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