Scientists Have developed An App to Interact with Lucid Dreamers While Asleep

Lucid dreamers are now so lucky as scientists developed an app that can make them interact with them…
Lucid dreamers

Lucid dreamers are now so lucky as scientists developed an app that can make them interact with them in their sleep. According to a recent study carried out by Northwestern University researchers, it revealed that an app can be developed for people who want to try it at home.

It was confirmed that it is possible to have a real-time dialogue with a person that is dreaming and dreamers can solve questions by answering yes or no. 36 volunteers who planned to have a lucid dream were studies.

With polysomnographic data, they confirmed that participants had gotten to the REM level of sleep. The REM level describes the eye movement stage where lucid dreaming happens.

We found that individuals in REM sleep can interact with an experimenter and engage in real-time communication. We also showed that dreamers are capable of comprehending questions, engaging in working-memory operations, and producing answers.

Ken Paller, professor of psychology

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Although dreams are known to happen to people, scientists haven’t explained much about them. Depending on someone to recount dreams wouldn’t reveal detailed information about the dream. Paller and his team members attempted to look for ways to communicate with people amid lucid dreams.

Then they realized that looking for ways to interact with lucid dreamers could help investigate further and know more about memory and dreams. They also needed to learn about how sleep determines memory storage.

According to Karen Konkoly, a psychology student, the researchers combined the results they got from four labs that used different methods to know the reality of this two-way communication. This made them understand that they can communicate in different means.

Researchers in Paller’s lab team have designed an app for Android devices that helps people get lucidity amid dreams. The Paller’s cognitive neuroscience lab site has enough information you need to know about this app.

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