Scientists Discover the First Massive Coral Reef in over 120 years

The first massive coral reef was recently discovered by scientists. This coral reef is reported to be much…
First massive coral reef

The first massive coral reef was recently discovered by scientists. This coral reef is reported to be much taller than the Empire State Building. It measures over 1,600 feet which is taller than the Petronas Twins Towers and Sydney Tower. Australian scientists discovered this reef.

A team of scientists led by Dr.Robin Beaman discovered the reef on October 20th. The scientists were conducting underwater mapping of the Great Barrier Reef seafloor in the north. Several days after discovering the reef, the team carried out a dive using the underwater robot of the Schmidt Ocean Institute to explore the new reef.

With high-resolution footage, the dive was live-streamed and broadcast on the website of Schmidt Ocean Institute. The reef’s base is 1.5 kilometers wide. This recently discovered reef adds to the other tall detached reefs in the area that has been mapped since the late 19th century, including the reef at Raine Island.

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This unexpected discovery affirms that we continue to find unknown structures and new species in our Ocean. The state of our knowledge about what’s in the Ocean has long been so limited.

Thanks to new technologies that work as our eyes, ears, and hands in the deep ocean, we have the capacity to explore like never before. New oceanscapes are opening to us, revealing the ecosystems and diverse life forms that share the planet with us.

Wendy Schmidt, co-founder of Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Dr.Beaman said that the team was very elated when they discovered the first massive coral reef. This discovery adds to a year of underwater findings by the Schmidt Ocean Institute. Scientists discovered the longest sea creature in the world, a 45-meter siphonophore in Ningaloo Canyon, and 30 new species in April.

Five undescribed species of the sponges and black coral was discovered in August, the first observation of rare scorpionfish. In February, deep-sea coral gardens and graveyards in Bremer Canyon Marine Park were also discovered.

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