Science Proves That Pigs Can Play Video Games With Their Snouts

Pigs can play video games, according to a research carried out by some scientists. It is interesting to…
Pigs can play video games

Pigs can play video games, according to a research carried out by some scientists. It is interesting to know that some scientists have proven that pigs can play video games. This was found out after series of test carried out on about four pigs.

The four swine named Omelette, Ebony, Ivory, and Hamlet were trained on how to use an arcade-style joystick appropriately.

Scientists revealed that the swine were able to understand all they were trained to do. The pigs were had great connection with the stick and the game.

The researchers stated that the swine didn’t stop playing even when they realized that the food reward dispenser had broken. This was obviously for the social contact.

Normally, the pigs were always given food pellet whenever they won the game level. During the testing, the food reward dispenser got broken but the pigs remained undaunted and they won the game levels after they were cheered up by the researchers’ soothing words to them.

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To the team, it was a new discovery and it was really remarkable that the swine could play video games because they are far-sighted animals. The researchers stated that it was hard for the pigs because they had neither hands nor thumbs.

It was disclosed that Hamlet was quite better at the video game than Omelette. The two tried their best when the game got tougher. Ivory was only able to hit just one- wall targets which happened about 76% of the time. However, Ebony was only able to hit it about 34% of the time.

The researchers found out that the pigs were deliberate and passionate about the game. This really made them fully satisfied with the pigs actions.

However, Kate Daniels from Willow Farm in Worcestershire stated that the pigs actions wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with pigs.It was disclosed that similar test has been tried with monkeys and chimpanzees.

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