Saudi Arabia Now Has a Dog Cafe, the First-ever in the Country

For the first time, Saudi Arabia will be getting a dog café. With this new dog cage,  pet…
Saudi Arabia

For the first time, Saudi Arabia will be getting a dog café. With this new dog cage,  pet owners will be able to have time with their dogs while sipping on a cup of tea.

In Islam, dogs are seen as unclean animals and are generally prohibited from public places in Saudi Arabia. However, this new café might put an end to all this as things are beginning to change.

The dog café name is known as The Barking Lot and it will be opening its doors to dog owners in June. The Barking Lot will be located in the coastal city of Khobar. Dog lovers are very excited about this news since they would be able to take their dog out. Before this, pet owners could only take their pets to a few places outside their homes.

Dalal Ahmed, the Barking Lot’s owner, told AFP that the idea was initiated while visiting the kingdom. She said when she visited Saudi Arabia, she wasn’t allowed to walk around with her dog. On realizing that dogs weren’t to be seen in some places, she decided to open a coffee shop for dog owners.

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Before this, the religious police in the country banned people from walking with their pets outside, claiming that men were using it to make passes at women, according to AFP. However, people didn’t mind the ban as pet owners were walking with their pets outside and this began to increase. Furthermore, animal shelters have sprung up in several cities.

Pet owners now come with their dogs to have fun at the cafe. Some dogs playfully romp around, while others sit on their owners’ laps. In another section of this cafe, dogs are given nice treats.  They get washes and blow-dries, which is part of the grooming services offered.

The idea of this cafe is very new. It’s a distinct place where dogs can come and meet other dogs.

Johara, a Saudi citizen

This is a good development considering the fact that pet owners have been restricted from going to some places with their pets for so long.

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