Safe Beams of Light Produce High-speed Connection in Areas without Internet

Safe beams of light produce a high-speed connection in some areas with no internet, this is the best…
safe beams of light

Safe beams of light produce a high-speed connection in some areas with no internet, this is the best way to bring fiber optic-speed internet to the most remote parts of India and Kenya.

A tech project is in charge of this new development and its intention is to blast beams of gigabyte-rich light from projectors installed on high towers to bridge the digital gap and as well as bring universal internet connectivity.

If you want to reach a villager in the remote Chaparai valley in India through a zoom call, you need a system that is easy and quick to deploy amid the ruggedness of the terrain.

Project Taara which was founded by the tech innovation group X which has a cheaper and less labor-intensive alternative to laying hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable to connect remote villages is making progress.

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It utilizes the same beams of light in fiber-optic cables, but without the cables. Projectors mounting on high towers and poles can beam the information via the air up to 12 miles away.

Wireless optical communication technology can transmit data at a very high speed of about 20 gigabytes per second and can do so without installers bothering to navigate real estate laws or the costs of digging around bodies of water or tunneling under railroads.

We are creating history here. In the last 400 years I couldn’t get connectivity here to Chaparai… it’s an absolute miracle.

A project officer with India’s Integrated Tribal Development Agency

With over 3 billion people who often live without having access to the internet, X has already announced, a partnership to bring Project Taara to Kenya and other parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

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