Rescue Dog Saves Endangered Whales By Smelling out Their Excreta

A rescue dog has just saved some endangered whales by using her nose to detect their excreta. Eba…
Rescue dog

A rescue dog has just saved some endangered whales by using her nose to detect their excreta. Eba is known for having a unique talent of sniffing out things; however, she has been able to use this talent to save the orca whale.

Deborah Giles who is a marine biologist at the Center for Conservation Biology at the University of Washington owns the dog. Giles adopted Eba with the intention to make her a pet and not a working dog. However, Eba began started showing some traits that could make her a member of her research crew.

Gile enrolled Eba in a program where dogs are trained to detect marine wildlife droppings. This would help provide enough information important to research, including everything about the whales’ diet. The excreta of a whale can also help to indicate its gestation period and if it is pregnant.

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Giles carries out her studies in the Salish Sea off the Gulf Islands of Canada, where killer whales were about 74 members. Giles maintains that Eba’s performance exceeded her crew’s expectations. The marine biologists always ensure the pup isn’t worked out.

By Eba’s second day on the water… she found her first wild whale scat by herself, which was amazing. Her body gets stiff at first, like, ‘Oh, I smell it,’ then she starts sniffing up in the air.

As soon as we pass through it, she’ll run along the side of the boat, and that’s what tells me where we need to turn into the wind and drive toward the sample.


Eba understands that she plays an important role in helping to save the whales and it is clear that she loves what she is doing. Giles maintained that Eba is indeed the perfect dog for this job as she has been providing answers to questions that will help to rescue an endangered species.

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