Rehabilitation Scheme Helps Burglar and Victim Establish Good Relationship

A rehabilitation scheme has helped a burglar and his victim to become very good friends. When a 41-year-old…
rehabilitation scheme

A rehabilitation scheme has helped a burglar and his victim to become very good friends. When a 41-year-old man burgled Anne and Terry Linton’s house in May 2019, the Linton’s didn’t know they would become friends with the burglar.

The burglar stole a sum of £500 alongside electrical items. He was later arrested, however, he was placed on a rehabilitation scheme. This man now looks after the Linton’s garden.

Isn’t it funny, you tell somebody that somebody’s burgled your house and yet you’ve all become the best of friends, nobody would believe you.

Mrs. Linton

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The burglar whose name remains undisclosed said that Anne and Terry changed his life and he wouldn’t have been alive today. He further said that he owes them a lot and he will always be in their debt. This man also revealed that he is ready to do anything for them at anytime. Although he can’t undo what has been done, he can always be of help.

This man is one of the burglars signed up for the West Midlands Police Scheme. The Scheme which was set up in 2017 has been able to help burglars to stop committing crimes and become changed people.  Cases of burglaries have also declined by 16 percent since this scheme was established.

Det Sgt Sandy Thompson, who is in charge of the scheme said that people still receive jail terms, 95 percent of people who burgle a property will go to prison. However, he maintained that his job is to ensure that burglaries don’t take place. Going to prison will only stop a burglar for about five years, but this scheme will stop him from committing crimes.

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